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on a more serious note, before allegations of sexism pile in, keep in mind that a -female- designer who is probably a huge Metroid fan was working on this as a pet project, according to Sakurai's quote.

supersmashbrospics answered:

Oh believe me that did not escape my notice. They made that clear in the post as part of the focus. They didn’t simply say her designer, but choose to bring focus to her gender. Which in and of itself can cause issues. On one hand it shows that females play important roles in game decisions for SSB4. But it can also be taken as a marketing ploy or focus as if to defend any sexism. The idea that women can’t add to sexist ideas is false. Women can contribute to harmful views of women. That’s why this can get sticky. 

I personally feel and hope that it is as you say.


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are you saying all white people? because that's generalization and that disgusts me. when I hear "white people" because I'm white that automatically puts me in that group. And I'm not racist. I'm not a brutal asshole. I'm not a bad guy. I except people. so when you generalize it makes me feel like shit.

thecatsmeow90 answered:

I’m white you literal piece of shit
Your ideals reminds me of the ”NOT ALL MEN” trend.
I’m white and I can clearly recognize how shitty white people are to poc, and it’s fucking obvious that when someone makes a generalization they CLEARLY don’t mean all *whites* or *men*; but instead of recognizing their concern your bitch ass is getting offended
If you’re not doing anything wrong, DON’T FUCKING WORRY ABOUT IT.
People are dying and you’re getting your feelings hurt over the internet from a white girl, a white girl who clearly has more brains than you
Calm the fuck down, check your privilege, and grow up



Well, maybe not the worst pain known to mankind — we’re pretty inventive at finding and dealing out pain — but likely the greatest produced by any insect.  At From the Lab Bench, Paige Brown discusses the so-called bullet ant, given its name because its sting supposedly feels as bad as getting shot.

The whole thing is worth reading, including the description of the ants’ use as an initiation ritual.

One of the things that seemed like a sidebar issue with this protest zone in Ferguson was that there’s a no-fly zone. That nobody other than law enforcement is allowed to fly any sort of helicopter below 3,000 feet over this scene. And that seemed like kind of an oddity in the way they were enforcing security in this zone. But it has very practical consequences when reporters on the ground are unable, either because of tear gas or because of police forcing them out, to get close to what’s happening. One of the ways we would otherwise be getting perspective on what’s happening in news helicopters, who, at the direction of law enforcement, have not been allowed to fly over the scene. And that’s having very serious practical consequences for our ability to report this story right now. The first amendment is having a tough night.
Rachel Maddow, live on msnbc (via iwriteaboutfeminism)